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Statesville, North Carolina
My Name is adam, My nickame is gothicadam or blaxel. Gothicadam comes from when i used to play the music video game called Dance Dance Revolution it was my name ranking on the machine there(which is now gone) And Blaxel comes from my cosplay Nickame because i dress up as axel from kingdom hearts and well im black. It is not a racist term but simply something my friend made for me one day and caught on with a LOT of people. I pretty much like to play video games of all sorts and watch anime and read manga. I like listening to techno music and hope to one day become a dj. I like to take photography which is something very important to me and which i hope to become a paid one in the future. Sites that have posted my photgraphy http://nerdcaliber.com/blogs/?p=5159 http://nerdcaliber.com/blogs/?p=5460