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Sunday, February 20 • 10:00am - 12:00pm
Cosplay Chess

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Want to see your favorite characters battle it out with each other? Well with Cosplay Human Chess, anything is possible. No one knows what will happen as two chess players maneuver cosplayer pieces across a giant chessboard.

How does Cosplay Human Chess work? In ordinary Human Chess, thirty-two participants act out the parts of chess pieces on a giant board as two players direct from above. Cosplay Human Chess is the same, except that all the pieces are in costume, and act out their moves as their characters would. Only the two main players need chess experience.

Special Requirements
To participate on the board in Cosplay Human Chess, you must be in costume as anime/manga/video game characters Priority is given to well-known characters from popular series and to multiple characters from the same series. Pre-Registration is required for those actually participating in the event as chess pieces. The registration deadline for this event is June 5!

Cosplay Human Chess Rules:

  1. Entries must be from a Manga, Anime or Japanese video game.
  2. You may enter more than one costume.
  3. Costumes will be selected on quality and construction, as well as popularity of the character and show. This is not first come first serve.
  4. Costumes do not have to be made by the cosplayer.
  5. All costumes must be pg-13. We will immediately discard any entries that disregard this rule. All costumes must also follow the con guidelines. All weapons must also adhere to the Katsucon's weapon policy.
  6. You must attend the chess meeting prior to the match. There are things that you need to know that will be covered during this time. This will help prevent some of the chaos from occurring during the match.
  7. All contestants must be registered for Katsucon. If you are not registered at con or by preregistration, you will not be able to participate. Anyone participating that is under 18, must have a waiver signed by their parents or guardian.
  8. This is an act after all so no attacks that could hurt the other cosplayers or damage their costumes. Overall please be considerate of the others involved.
  9. Images of your costume must be presented along with the entry form. Please include multiple angles of your costume. You will NOT be considered without all information on your entry, as well as images. All costumes entered must be 100% complete in the reference images. Remember to include your real name, contact email and the series of your character when applying. Also please indicate whether you'd like to be Anime, or Video Games.
  10. Feel free to apply as a part of a group, or individually.

Sunday February 20, 2011 10:00am - 12:00pm
06. Live 5 (Potomac D) Potomac D

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