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Garth Graham

“Hey you sass that hoopy Garth Graham? Now there’s a frood who really knows where his towel is,” would be the words on the lips of internet trawlers the world ’round if we didn’t happen to live in the unfashionable western spiral arm of the galaxy. Instead, Garth lurks in moderate obscurity churning out captivating comics since 2004 in an artistic style that mystically abducts the essences of both western comics and eastern manga; blending them together through patent pending methods into an addictive drug that tantalizes the optic nerves in ways science has yet to be able to explain.

His latest artistic creation is Finder’s Keepers (http://www.finderskeepers.gcgstudios.com), the dark urban fantasy of a young lady who accidentally claims the soul of a man who is not entirely human, thus entangling herself in a mystery that spans the breadth of human imagination. A mystery whose solution will most likely get her killed, but is the only thing that can return her to a normal life and break the bond between herself and her otherworldly companion.

Garth is also becoming well known for his steampunk art, though his heart will always belong to cyberpunk.