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Juliet Cesario

Best known for her role as Belldandy in the English language version of “Oh! My Goddess”, Juliet has also played Miyuki in “You’re Under Arrest”, Kaichou in “Clamp School Detectives”, Sarah Bryant in “Virtua Fighter”, Alfin in “Crusher Joe”, Ms. Kasahara in “Shinesman”, Rane in “Elf Princess Rane”, Mutio in “Blue Submarine No. 6″, and many other roles. Most recently she has voiced the part of Peorth in “Ah! My Goddess” the tv series. She got her start on camera in “Star Trek; Next Generation” and she has since had roles on “Dawson’s Creek”, “Surface”, “American Gothic”, and the movie “The Dress Code”, directed by Shirley MacLaine, among other shows. Last season she played Rebecca, Sam’s mom in “One Tree Hill.” She plays Dana in the movie “Little Red Wagon”, out in 2011, and is the voice of Maggie in the upcoming “Maggie Tales”, co-starring Tony award winner, Linda Lavin. She has appeared in numerous commercials and plays, but considers voice acting her favorite occupation. She’s a vegetarian, who recently moved to the West coast with her three high maintenance cats.

Visit her website www.julietcesario.com.