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Linda Le

Linda Le, a self proclaimed magician in her own right, world wide cosplayer and electronics geek. At a young age, she began making things out of her mom’s leftover clothing scraps. Now years later, she’s applying these techniques to elaborate cosplays that are near perfect to their source material. With her spunky, game-geek, metal-loving personality, she’s helped to host events for Capcom,KotobukiyaMYX TV and Harajuku’s 6%DOKIDOKI and many more. You may have seen her work in Otacool2 and Kotaku for her Earthbound cosplays.

Linda Le has also collaborated with reknowned Street Fighter artist Long Vo to create VAMPY – her own character based on her stylings and personality. She is quickly becoming a sought after personality in the entertainment industry with future collaborations with toy companies like KusoPop and her own art/cosplay book scheduled for release next year with Udon Entertainment.