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Mike Hall (Darkstar Studios)

Mike Hall has been an artist since his hand could grasp one of those comically-oversized child’s pencils, but until 2004, his genius was unrecognized, his sketchpads hidden in a box deep in a locked closet. However, an opportunity presented itself to Mike – launching his masterpiece in the form of a webcomic! His first attempts were, to his own admission, “very uninspired” and he quickly sought out the help of international playboy and award-winning screenwriter Brian Godwin to get the comic on track. Mike soon found himself embroiled in a full-time commitment to the webcomic, finally realizing his dream of showcasing his art on a weekly basis.

In 2007, Mike decided to branch out with Darkstar Studios (http://www.darkstar-studios.com), a multi-comic website showcasing both his own art and up-and-coming talents. The website now includes his own magnum opus, “Across The Multiverse,” as well as the continuing adventures of resumed “[sic] Productions” and rising star Ryan Thompson’s “Fajita.”

Mike draws a lot of his creative influence from artist such as Ken Akamatsu, Adam Warren, Joe Madureira and Masaki Kajishima. Along with his continued commitment to his work, Mike’s wife and family provide him with continuous moral support on both his comic endeavors and his job as a full-time Graphic Designer.

My Speakers Sessions

Sunday, February 20

10:00am EST