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Yunmao Ayakawa

By popular demand Yunmao Ayakawa returns to Katsucon to introduce you to the CRAZY or just misunderstood characters of her new comic strip Yu Yu Maid! Since its early 2010 debut in Otaku USA magazine, readers of her Cosplay Café article have been introduced to an eccentric lead character and her two sidekicks trying to figure out if there is anything normal about her at all – And for that matter, how she will be able to battle the negative forces threatening everyone’s Otaku way of life.

Yunmao Ayakawa, Cospay Idol, Actress, and International Ambassador of the Nihon Maid Association will be appearing at the Masquerade as a cosplay judge this year.  Don't miss out on this opportunity to see Yunmao award the coveted Yunmao Ayakawa Sugoi Award to a special winner.  It could be you!


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